Our 10 Favorite Adventure Photographers on Instagram

Professional and amateur photographers alike display their work to a global audience on Instagram. From Nat Geo adventurers with millions of followers, to young talent with just a few thousand fans, we present you ten of our very favorite outdoor photographers.  

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1. Alex Strohl
Many try to emulate Alex Strohl’s minimal style but few come close to his ability in capturing the great outdoors. Strohl’s winter shots of breathtaking American landscapes remind us why we do what we do.

2. Taylor Rees  
You’ve probably heard of National Geographic’s documentalist and adventurer, Renan Ozturk. His equally talented wife honed her photography skills under Ozturk’s wing, and with a degree in Environmental Anthropology from Yale, she offers a unique, intimate look at their life of adventure. Taylor Rees’ photography is as stunning as it is socially involved.

3. Galen Neil
The wow factor of Galen Neil’s underwater photography is unmistakable. His shots are inhabited by real life mermaids and majestic sea creatures, and instantly transport you to a different world.

4. Brianna Madia
Brianna, her partner, and their two dogs live in an orange van parked in the desert. Their radical lifestyle provides Madia with a steady stream of inspiration which she pours into photography and storytelling.

5. Jimmy Chin
No list of outdoor photographers would be complete without adventurer extraordinaire, Jimmy Chin. Climber, photographer and documentalist, Chin will shortly release a film depicting Alex Honnold’s famous solo ascent of El Capitan in Yosemite.

6. Honza Řeháček
This young Czech photographer captures the beauty of the high Tatra Mountains and the adventures of his incredibly photogenic wolfdog.

7. Katie Boué
Utah-based brand strategist Katie Boué is a passionate public lands activist and an avid adventurer. Spiced with a hint of hipster nostalgia, Katie’s shots will make you want to pack your bag (complete with a set of fairy lights) and head out into the wilderness.

8. Dylan Furst
One of the most successful outdoor photographers on Instagram, Fursty has an unmistakeable style and an eye for the dark, cold landscapes of Greenland and Scandinavia. Think wild salmon fishing in a heavy, wet raincoat.

9. Ryan Sheppeck
One of The Peak’s Collective pack, Sheppeck captures the rugged beauty of the British Isles. He often takes his drone to the far North and comes back with dramatic shots of rough seas and snow dusted rocks.

10. Alice Kao
Alice Kao is the queen of weekend adventuring. Hiking through breathtaking landscapes, she never fails to capture her escapades in a fun and unconstrained way.

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