Celebrate Earth Day with Products That Are Good for You, Good for the Environment

What better month to celebrate Earth Day than in April (the 22nd to be exact), a month that welcomes warmer temperatures, extended daylight and Spring Break vacations. 

But in truth, we should be thinking about our footprint on Mother Nature every day. And with more and more outdoor retailers incorporating environmentally sustainable fabrics and processes into their product lines each year, all it takes is a little internet research to ensure the items you’re buying aren’t doing more harm to our planet than good. 

In honor of Earth Day, we’ve done some of the legwork for you and included eco-friendly products below that let you enjoy the outdoors while keeping our environment intact:

To-Go Ware

According to their website, “Americans toss out enough single use plastic utensils to circle the equator 300 times each year.” To-Go Ware aims to put an end to our unhealthy obsession with disposable take-out items by introducing a line of reusable bamboo utensils. Why choose bamboo? Aside from being extremely durable and resistant to damage, new shoots will grow from existing root systems after previous shoots are harvested, which means no replanting and no loss of topsoil. Bamboo is also extremely light, and doesn’t stain or absorb flavors, making To-Go Ware an ideal alternative to petroleum-based plastic utensils.


It’s probably no surprise that this company ended up on our list, as they have long been known for their commitment to sustainable practices. And why wouldn’t they be? An avid climber, Founder Yvon Chouinard set out to build a business with an environmental mission. From the working conditions of workers to the footprint of every fiber that goes into every garment, the company strives toward responsible business practices that won’t harm our planet. You can feel good about every gear purchase — some of their garments are even made from recycled plastic bottles.


Founder Jimmy Chin’s inspiration for Ecogear’s eco-friendly backpacks, messenger bags and sleeping bags came after watching his children play at the beach during a family vacation. It quickly dawned on him how special those familial moments were and whether or not there would be a clean, healthy planet for them to enjoy as they grew older. Ecogear products are made from sustainable organic cotton, recycled plastic and toxic-free dye. They also use a patented system known as Ecoweave (or EPO) which makes them PVC-free with no ozone-depleting chemicals, dioxins or heavy metals; they also produce 100 percent natural emissions when burned.


Utilizing a surprisingly innovative concept, RAREFORM re-purposes old billboards destined for the landfill to create backpacks, bags, wallets, clothing, surfboard travel bags and other accessories. Working in their California warehouse, brothers Alec and Aric Avediassian remain committed to creating one-of-a-kind products based on three brand-defining principles – quality, originality and sustainability.

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