Clima Customer Spotlight: Fjord Nansen

In the early 90s, Polish adventurers had a problem. Despite the country’s strong mountaineering tradition, climbers battled a distinct lack of high-quality outdoor equipment. Adventure traveler Darek Staniszewski decided to tackle this problem by making his own. In 1996, he launched his own brand of outdoor clothing and camping gear, Fjord Nansen. Even his earliest products quickly drew praise from the Polish and German outdoor communities, as well as the industry press. Now, Fjord Nansen equipment is available in twelve countries across Europe.

The heritage
The brand name is inspired by the historic Norwegian explorer, Fridtjof Nansen, who in the late 19th century led numerous groundbreaking expeditions to Greenland and the North Pole. One of his most daring endeavors was crossing Greenland’s icecap from east to west. Six members of the expedition were dispatched by a ship to the wild, eastern shores of the island. To survive, they had to make it quickly to the nearest human settlement. They battled temperatures as low as −50 °F, and the last leg of the journey involved rowing makeshift kayaks along the rugged fjord. 78 days after landing in Greenland, Fridtjof Nansen’s expedition arrived safely in the town of Godthaab.

Beyond his adventures, Nansen was involved with the humanitarian movement, saving the lives of thousands of prisoners of war and refugees. In 1922, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

To honor this incredible legacy, nearly a century later Fjord Nansen supports some of the world’s most daring travelers. Among them National Geographic’s Adventurer of the Year, ocean kayaker Aleksander Doba.

The products
At Climashield, we are incredibly honored to partner with Fjord Nansen to create the highest quality outdoor equipment ready for any adventure.

The Idunn Jacket is an extremely light, fast-drying garment designed to provide maximum thermal insulation. In comparison with a standard mid-layer fleece, the Idunn is warmer, lighter and packs smaller.

Softshell-style elastic side insets allow for greater freedom of motion. The jacket is complete with an integrated, non-detachable hood, two zipped side pockets and ribbed hems. For ultimate comfort and the best fit, the Idunn comes in a men’s and women’s cut.

Filled with Climashield CL, this jacket is warm and, unlike down, retains its thermal properties even when wet. The outer material features a DWR treatment that can withstand short periods of light rain, but the Idunn really comes into its own when paired with a waterproof hardshell. Less bulky than a down sweater and much lighter than a fleece, the Idunn gives you all of the warmth without discomfort.

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