Climashield® Continues to Pass the Test for the U.S. Military

120,000 new Modular Sleep Systems featuring Climashield® insulation to be delivered to service men and women around the world

CLINTON, Tenn. June 7, 2011 – The preferred insulation supplier for the U.S. Military, Climashield® today announced that they have been once again selected to provide insulation for the Modular Sleep System (MSS).  Over the last five years, Climashield® has equipped the military by filling over one million MSS sleeping bags with their premium insulation.

Tested and commissioned in the roughest terrain and the harshest conditions, Climashield®’s continuous filament insulation consistently excels over other brands in side-by-side comparisons of thermal efficiency, durability and packability when traveling light is a necessity.  Made in the U.S.A. in an ISO-certified facility, the Berry Compliant insulation also features AquaBan technology, a surface encapsulation treatment that keeps soldiers warm, even in wet conditions, during cold nights in the field.

“Climashield® has been proud to supply our quality insulation for over two decades to the men and women serving our country in the armed forces,” said Matt Schrantz, Chief Operating Officer of HarVest CI, Climashield®’s parent company.  “In addition to being the insulation choice for the MSS, Climashield® also works with the Marine Corps to create a customized insulation application for the 3 Season Sleeping Bag.”

Featuring two different sleeping bags, the four-part MSS is constructed to be used in conjunction with each other or used separately if necessary.  The cold weather sleeping bags are designed to capture and maintain body heat in temperatures ranging from 50 to negative 30 degrees Farenheit.  In addition to the bags, the system includes a waterproof bivy cover and a stuff sack to complete the package.

Headquartered in Clinton, Tennessee, Climashield® is a total insulation supplier manufacturing a broad portfolio of insulation products for the outdoor recreation, military and hospitality industries. Climashield® has more than 25 years of experience in supplying continuous filament insulation to customers worldwide and is noted for providing the most compressible, warmest, softest, most durable, water resistant and hypoallergenic insulation products in the market. For more information about Climashield®, please visit

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