Climashield® Marches to Modern Day Marine

Less bulk and more warmth make signature continuous filament insulation the preferred cold weather protection for the U.S. Marine Corps

WASHINGTON, Sept. 24, 2013 – Today, at the kickoff of Modern Day Marine, Climashield® (Booth 3024) showcased its lineup of insulation products and cold weather gear for the U.S. Armed Forces, including a variety of outerwear pieces and sleeping bags made exclusively for the U.S. Marines. Challenging customers to test the product for themselves, Climashield® continually outperforms the competition in two key areas — lightweight warmth and durable warmth.  

“We work with our customers to create solutions for cold weather scenarios in the field. The last thing our armed forces need to worry about is that their gear is too heavy or not warm enough,” said Matt Schrantz, Chief Operating Officer at Climashield®. “Time after time, our insulation has helped to reduce the overall weight of a sleeping bag, jacket or pair of pants, without losing the necessary warmth.”

Just like the men and women who serve our country around the world, Climashield® is resilient in harsh conditions. Our family of insulation products lasts throughout the lifetime of the product no matter how many times the garment is stretched, packed or washed, holding its original shape after multiple uses.  Made in the U.S.A., Climashield®  is built specifically for the extreme requirements of tactical and military applications.

Products in the military portfolio on display at Modern Day Marine include :

??    Marine Modular Sleep System (MSS) - On the inside of over one million MSS sleeping bags to date, Climashield® is featured in the intermediate and patrol bag, for use in temperatures ranging from 10°C to -34°C.

??    Marine 3 Season Sleeping Bag (3S) - The Marine Corps 3S is an innovative, terrain-tested sleep solution featuring a sleeping bag with Climashield® insulation and AquaBan™ technology for staying dry in wet and humid conditions. The bag has been tested in the field where temperatures on winter nights can drop below -6°C.

??    Marine Extreme Cold Weather (ECW) - The ECW bag is a single sleeping bag designed to be used in conjunction with the existing 3 Season (3S) bag or on its own. Featuring Climashield® COMBAT, the ECW can be used in -25°C temperatures.

??    Marine Poncho Liner - The multi-purpose Marine Poncho Liner can be used as a blanket, pillow, privacy screen or lightweight sleeping bag to provide warmth in mild temperatures. The incorporation of Climashield® insulation achieved approximately 15 percent more warmth at the same weight.

??    Special Forces Protective Combat Uniform (PCU) - Made exclusively for the Special Forces, the PCU is a multi-layer system made up of seven layers where Climashield® is featured in the Layer VII jacket, pants and vest, helping reduce the weight of the PCU by 25 percent.

??    Third Generation Extended Cold Weather Clothing System for the U.S. Army (GEN III ECWCS) - Featuring the most technically advanced materials and innovative garment design, the GEN III system consists of seven layers, with Climashield® APEX featured in Layer VII for protection against intense cold weather scenarios in excess of -40°F.

Climashield® insulation is manufactured in the U.S.A. in an ISO 9001-certified facility.

Modern Day Marine is held at the Marine Corps Base in Quantico, VA, from September 24-26, 2013. Climashield® is located in Tent C, Booth 3024.

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