Climashield® Maintains Rank with the U.S. Armed Forces

Remaining the insulation of choice, Climashield® was again awarded the honor of filling the inside of the Modular Sleep System Components

CLINTON, Tenn. Sept. 6, 2012 – On the inside of over one million military sleeping bags to date, Climashield® today announced that they have once again been selected as the insulation for the Modular Sleep System (MSS).  Outperforming other brands in laboratory and field tests, Climashield® continuous filament insulation consistently provided greater warmth at lighter weights.

Proud to be made and manufactured in the U.S.A. in an ISO-certified facility,  Climashield® provides a solution to decision makers in the U.S. military trying to achieve maximum thermal efficiency at lighter weights, so troops can remain comfortable even while mobile.  Additionally, the level of warmth remains in tact after multiple uses and washings, ensuring consistency throughout the life of the sleep system.  Over the next four years, Climashield® will outfit over 600,000 sleeping bags with premium Climashield® Combat insulation.

“We take pride in the fact that our insulation has consistently adhered to the highest standards of excellence set by the U.S. military,” said Matt Schrantz, Chief Operating Officer of HarVest CI, Climashield’s parent company.  “Time after time, we offer the best solution for providing warmth without adding bulk, staying dry in wet conditions and remaining durable after multiple uses, storage and washings.”

The MSS and Components includes an intermediate and patrol bag that features Climashield® insulation, along with a non-insulated bivy bag, large stuff sack and small stuff sack. 

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