Clima Customer Spotlight: Cold Water Diving With Santi

Taking a plunge into cold waters is one of the most adventurous ways of immersing yourself in nature. While most people seek out tropical destinations such as the coasts of Mexico or Thailand, some visit more hostile environments where staying dry and warm is a matter of survival. Braving the cold opens endless possibilities for underwater exploration, from diving in serene, ice-locked seas, to discovering shipwrecks, or even encountering some of the world’s largest creatures.

There’s a huge variety: in British Columbia you can enjoy the company of giant octopods and sea lions; Antarctica offers the surreal experience of diving under ice; in January every year, you can witness orcas hunting their prey in waters around Norway; the Baltic sea is one of the best places to explore shipwrecks where 19th century Russian battleships sit slowly disintegrating on the seabed.

The Polish harbor of Gdynia sits on the southern shores of the Baltic sea and is home to  Santi Diving, manufacturers of some of the best cold water diving equipment.The team is made up of people passionate about the sea, and the company’s motto is “from divers for divers”.

Santi’s high quality suits are made of trilaminated fabrics that protect divers in the harshest environments, making cold water adventures safer and more pleasant than ever.

Santi’s core products are cutting edge dry-suits, undersuits and an innovative heating system which allows cold water explorers to dive deeper and longer.

“When filming in Newfoundland and the Canadian Arctic, the beauty of the environment stretches dives into very long durations. We’re diving on icebergs, filming WWII shipwrecks, exploring deep iron mines and swimming with whales [...] Santi has provided me with critical tools for expedition level diving in the coldest water,” says Jill Heinerth, one of the world’s most daring underwater explorers.

At Climashield, we are incredibly proud to be a part of the Santi story. Our soft and slim Contur insulation makes Santi Flex190 the perfect undersuit for diving in waters at 7 to 14°C. Thanks to Contur’s four-way stretch, Flex190 is as comfortable as it is light. Designed for the spring/summer season, Flex190 comes in two cuts to best meet the requirements of both male and female divers. It can be paired with Santi’s flagship E.Motion drysuit and complemented with a heating system to adapt it to colder waters.

Thanks to Climashield Contur’s softness and flexibility, Flex190 is a favorite among many divers. “Wearing the undersuit can be compared to wearing a very comfortable fleece. Maintaining a good thermal condition is not a problem,” said Dagmara Adamowicz, a professional diver from Poland, who regularly dips in Baltic’s chilly waters.

Climashield insulation is used for many purposes and the depths of the oceans certainly have to be one of the most extreme. We take pride in partnering with a company like Santi, keeping divers safe and warm, enabling them to push their explorations to the next level.

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