Company Gives Soldiers Gift of Calling Home

CLINTON, Tenn. — U.S. Army soldiers will get the chance to call home this holiday season thanks to a donation of 60 minute phone cards from a Clinton company that provides insulation for military sleeping gear and clothing.

The company, Climashield®, donated more than 18,600 minutes for soldiers to use to call home while on base at Fort Jackson in South Carolina, according to a Climashield® press release. Each solider at Fort Jackson will receive two 60-minute phone cards today, Christmas Eve.

According to Jessie Stevenson, Fort Jackson coordinator for commercial sponsorship and advertising sales, more than 125 soldiers remain on post during the holiday season.

"Every year, we have soldiers who cannot go home due to financial reasons or because they do not have anywhere to go for the holidays," Stevenson said. "The soldiers will be elated to find the cards because there is nothing they will enjoy more than the opportunity to connect with friends, family and loved ones."

While Climashield® keeps soldiers insulated and warm during missions all year long, it wanted to provide a different kind of warmth by helping spread holiday cheer, the press release said.

"We've supplied the U.S. military with continuous filament insulation for the past 25 years, and we're hoping the ability to call home will warm them with holiday spirit as they continue to train and fight for our country," said Matt Schrantz, chief operating officer of HarVest Consumer Insulation, Climashield®'s parent company. "It's a small token of our appreciation. We are truly grateful for all of our men and women who serve the United States."

The press release said Fort Jackson is the largest and most active initial entry training center in the U.S. Army, training 50 percent of all soldiers and 70 percent of all women entering the Army each year.

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