Climashield® Insulation Makes European Debut at Future Soldier Exhibition and Conference

Textile supplier brings 30 years of experience working with the United States military to manufacturers abroad

PRAGUE, Oct. 17, 2012 – Today, Climashield® introduced its line of premium custom insulation products to attendees at the Future Soldier Exhibition and Conference (Stand 386).  With an unsurpassed warmth-to-weight ratio and proven perfomance in the field, Climashield® has repeatedly outperformed the competition in solicitations for the U.S. Armed Forces.

As a total insulation supplier, Climashield has a long history of working with customers to develop a custom insulation product for the extreme requirements of tactical and military applications, whether the gear is sleeping bags, outerwear, footwear or gloves. The military brand, Climashield® COMBAT, not only receives superior ratings in thermal efficiency, but also maintains warmth throughout the life of the product even when stretched, packed or washed multiple times.

“Our specialty is helping customers reduce the weight of their garment, without sacrificing warmth, and we have achieved this goal time and time again for suppliers to the U.S. Military,” said Matt Schrantz, Chief Operating Officer at Climashield®.  “Given our success, Future Solider provides the perfect opportunity to expand our brand and make our military product available overseas.”

Climashield has developed numerous insulation applications for the military that excel in thermal efficiency ratings. Highlighted below are the most recent accolades.

Marine Extreme Cold Weather (ECW)

The ECW bag is a single sleeping bag designed to be used in conjunction with the existing Marine 3 Season (3S) bag or used on its own. When used with the proper layers, the ECW can be used in -25°C temperatures. Climashield® COMBAT was chosen for the Extreme Cold Weather (ECW) bag due to its excellent warmth-to-weight ratio, packing in more heat at lighter weights.

Modular Sleep System (MSS)

The four-part MSS is constructed to be used in conjunction with each other or used separately if necessary. Outperforming the competition in side-by-side comparisons of thermal efficiency, durability and compressibility, Climashield® is on the inside of over one million MSS sleeping bags to date, featured in the intermediate and patrol bag.

Marine Poncho Liner

The multi-purpose Marine Poncho Liner can be used as a blanket, pillow, privacy screen or lightweight sleeping bag to provide warmth in mild temperatures. An essential part of a soldier’s gear, the Marine Poncho Liner is held in high regard - it’s light and packable, yet reasonably warm. Climashield® improved warmth at a given weight and achieved approximately 30 percent more warmth at the same weight. 

Protective Combat Uniform (PCU)

Made exclusively for the Special Forces, the PCU is a multi-layer system made up of seven layers where Climashield® is featured in the jacket, pants and vest. The PCU can be used in different combinations, depending on the weather and the mission. In extensive laboratory and field evaluations, Climashield® repeatedly provided the right combination of technical elements to achieve greater warmth at lighter weights, reducing the weight of the previous version by 25 percent.

To view Climashield’s full line of military products and applications, visit Climashield® at the Future Soldier Exhibition and Conference - Stand 386 - in Prague from October 17-19, 2012.

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