Military Tested, Military Approved

The extreme requirements of tactical and military applications leave no room for gear failure. The U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC) is in charge of the stringent evaluation of all items used by the American military. Before equipment can be signed off and issued to soldiers, developmental and operational checks ensure optimal performance and, most importantly, safety.

Controlled environments testing at one of the ATEC centers is the first stop for any new piece of equipment. (Items already in use are also frequently re-evaluated to determine whether upgrades are possible). After thorough assessments by a team of engineers, a piece of equipment may then be approved for operational testing, which replicates real-life scenarios. Combined with the initial lab results, feedback from field tests is used to create a final report.

All military attire, including jackets and trousers, but also underwear, gloves and other accessories, undergoes similarly extensive testing. Designers and textile technologists never cease to look for improvements, and the research takes them to some of the most hostile environments on the planet. In February this year, extensive cold weather gear testing took place in the Alaskan wilderness, where temperatures often fall to 60 below zero.

At Climashield, we are proud to produce insulation for the U.S. Army, Air Force, Department of the Navy and the Marines. Last month we attended the Modern Day Marine Show in Quantico, VA, where we took the opportunity to discuss and better understand the needs of the Marine Corps. Every year, the event provides military suppliers with a unique opportunity to meet soldiers face-to-face.

Beyond durability, all apparel and sleeping systems used in the field must feature the best possible warmth-to-weight ratio. The use of continuous filament insulation allows for a high level of protection against the cold, also in wet conditions, while at the same time reducing the bulk of items. An example is the Marine Corps 3 Season sleeping bag, featuring Climashield insulation with AquaBan technology. Its proven performance in the field gives the troops confidence that they can stay warm, however damp the environment, without giving up too much space in the backpack

Our signature military product is Climashield COMBAT, featured both the Protective Combat Uniform (PCU), and Advanced Protective Combat Uniform (APCU) Level 7. Designed and manufactured exclusively for the Special Forces, the PCU, manufactured by Massif, is composed of seven layers. The application of Climashield COMBAT in the PCU jacket, pants and vest allowed for a 25 percent reduction in the weight of the whole system.

Based on our experience of working with the military, our range of outdoor products is designed and produced to the same high standards. Customers using our insulation for outdoor recreation and extreme sports benefit from solutions tested and approved by the U.S. Armed Forces. Try it for yourself.

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