Q&A: Traveling the Globe with Wanderers But Not Lost

Climashield® has partnered with Portuguese travel bloggers at Wanderers But Not Lost on several of their cold weather trips, including trips to Greenland and Iceland. Carla is a geographer and does glacier research in Argentina and Rui is a physicist and works as a teacher in Portugal. Together, they have visited over 70 countries. 

We caught up with them between travels and got their take on exploring the world, gear and favorite destinations.

What was your first travel experience?

(Carla) For me, I started travelling in Portugal with my backpack, then Europe by car, both when I was in high school and college. My first experience with Rui was an InterRail in Eastern Europe in 2006. 

What inspired you to start a travel blog and travel the world?

(Rui) We always wanted to travel the world and Carla had the dream of becoming an explorer. That's why Carla chose to study Geography in college! Our travel blog started as a personal record of our trips to share with family and friends. In time, it evolved to something that we now feel has two main purposes: to inspire others to travel and to allow others to travel with us. 

What advice do you have for people who want to begin to see the world?

Just go! Our experience tells us that travelling has more to do with our state of mind and our sense of purpose than with money and time. You may start with something closer or jump into something more adventurous; you may plan everything in advance, or live it day by day, but the important thing is to start travelling. The rest comes with experience. 

What are some of the most challenging situations you've encountered?

Physically, climbing Cotopaxi (5897m), in Ecuador, was the most challenging situation. But in the same country, we encountered a different type of challenging situation when we were arrested because the police thought we were illegal aliens in the country. We were taken to the immigration police precinct, but fortunately we sorted it out! 

What's the coldest place you've ever been? 

(Rui) We've been to Svalbard (in Spring), Greenland (in summer) and Scandinavia (in winter), as well as Patagonia (in Autumn). Carla works as a glacier researcher in Aconcagua, Argentina, and that is also cold! But all of them were pretty cold, with temperatures reaching - 15 degrees Celsius. 

Tell us about some of your favorite gear. What's your favorite Climashield product? 

A good sleeping bag is essential when trekking and camping in very cold enviroments, and for that The North Face Snow Leopard with Climashield insulation is the best. As for clothing, feeling warm is very important. We use Tilak jackets and pants with Climashield insulation for cold environments and Climashield Cumulus jackets when we need to travel light. Finally, of course, good trekking and hiking shoes are what takes us everywhere!

What destinations are next on your list?

Next Christmas, we will be travelling to Japan for a few days and we will probably try to climb Mount Fuji in Winter. As to the future, Ethiopia and Antarctica are two of our top destinations. Unfortunately, war and political instability keep me (for now!) away from two of our top destinations: Afghanistan and Yemen. 

What place do you want to keep going back to? 

Usually we don't repeat destinations because the world is very big. There are a lot of places to see and not enough time! But, considering its cultural and natural diversity, India is probably the place we would keep going back to. Also two of the destinations that we will repeat are Argentina (Patagónia) and Greenland. We love glaciers and we will keep following them all in the world!

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