Why Breathability is a Big Deal

Anyone who’s ever been hiking knows that when you get warm, you perspire —even in cooler temperatures. And if you’re not wearing the right clothing, you could be putting yourself at risk for hypothermia if moisture isn’t allowed to escape.

At Climashield, we’ve been manufacturing expedition-tested, military-grade insulation for over 30 years, so we know a little bit about how the body works and how best to stay warm in extreme weather conditions.

What most people don’t know is your body has its very own, albeit small, microclimate surrounding the skin. In normal, everyday circumstances when physical activity is minimal and the temperature is moderate, this body-heated mini-atmosphere acts as a natural form of insulation. However, once activity level rises and body temperature increases, moisture, in the form of perspiration, gets added into that mix. Over time, that moisture condenses, getting trapped between the skin and fabric, giving users that wet, clammy feeling. In extreme cold weather conditions, this can significantly affect your body’s ability to retain its core temperature, ultimately putting you in harm’s way.

Choosing the right insulated garment means choosing a product that works to release this trapped moisture away from the body without sacrificing warmth or comfort.

Climashield engineered AquaBan® technology for this very purpose. In damp and wet conditions, this treatment allows moisture to escape while at the same time trapping body heat. The result - you stay warm, comfortable and dry transitioning from high to low activity levels.

When buying cold weather gear, warmth might be top of mind, but breathability is just as important.

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