Winter Travel Spotlight: Jackson Hole

Wedged between the Tetons and the Rockies, Jackson Hole is a wild and beautiful valley offering outdoor adventure all year round. Rock climbing, whitewater rafting and spying on grizzly bears rate high among summer attractions, but Jackson Hole really comes into its own when covered in a thick layer of snow.

On winter nights the surrounding mountains may cause the temperature on the valley floor to fall to fifty below, but a well-developed tourist base offers a selection of cozy huts and lodges for any budget. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as sitting by the fire with a mugful of cider, surrounded by the freezing wilderness.

If you like to rough it, Firesite Resort provides an RV campground conveniently located only five minutes from the skiing resort.   

Notorious for steep terrain and breathtaking vistas, the Jackson Hole alpine skiing resort is a firm favorite among many of America’s best freeriders. If you’re not a pro, there’s nothing to worry about either. Intermediate runs are plentiful, and nine gentler, “green” runs invite families and beginners.

If you want to escape the apres-ski party crowd, Grand Targhee Ski Resort awaits on the other side of the Tetons. It lures skiers with the most powder days in the country and a low-key, relaxed atmosphere.

Apart from alpine skiing, Wyoming is also home to 11 dedicated nordic skiing resorts, many of which are located in Jackson Hole. Yet the newest winter craze in the area is not about boards, but wheels: riding a fat bike in the snow is an unforgettable experience, and you can rent a bike or book a guided tour here.

Those who like their winter escapes a little lazier can choose from a wide offering of organized attractions. Sleigh rides, dog-sledding and snowmobiling are all exciting ways to take in the beauty of Jackson Hole’s surroundings. Wildlife enthusiasts cannot miss out on the rare opportunity to spot species such as elk, moose, and even wolves. (Book your safari here.)

And after an exciting but tiring day out in the cold, nothing will warm you up better than a visit to the hot springs, where you can soak your sore muscle in soothing waters while admiring the wintery scenery.

How to get there
The Teton County is conveniently served by an airport located just seven miles north of Jackson.

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