Clima Customer Spotlight: Hyphen

Juli 3, 2020

Kategorie: Outdoor-Lebensstil

Based in Munich, Hyphen Sports is a German manufacturer of outdoor clothing focused on providing technical watersports and mountaineering gear for the European market.

In the water

Behind the success of this family business are two young parents who wanted to pass on their passion for surfing. The challenge was to create a completely new fabric that would protect tender baby skin from the scorching sun while the children played in seawater. After a long research process into technical textiles and the best sustainability practices, Christiane Hess and Peter Reinschmidt found themselves at the helm of a company bound for success.

“Children don’t just accept being dressed in anything,” says mum and managing director Christiane of their first UV-resistant clothing line, “but if they’re really comfortable, they will like their clothing a lot!” Two decades after the inception of the signature textile offering pharmacy standard SPF80 sun protection and resistance against salt and chlorine, Hyphen Sports offers a broad line of watersports apparel for babies, children and adults.

On the mountain

Soon after their successful entry to the watersports market, Hyphen branched out to develop unique products for climbers and ski-mountaineers. Tested in the Alpine environment of the Chamonix-Mont-Blanc region, all Hyphen Sports items are designed from scratch with the highest quality materials, including a variety of proprietary fabrics.

Committed only to the highest quality, Hyphen Sports chose Climashield® CONTUR for their line of insulated jackets, vests and trousers developed to withstand the harsh Alpine weather. As the softest, low-bulk option of continuous filament insulation, CONTUR features four-way stretch for ultimate flexibility and unparalleled comfort for the best mountain experience. Its excellent warmth-to-weight ratio ensures all Hyphen Sports jackets are as light as possible. 

A responsible business model

Sustainability and social equity are at the very core of the company’s values, from textile manufacturing to sewing and shipping. All Hyphen Sports items are hand-manufactured in Croatia, only 511km (317m) from the German warehouse. In addition, determined to give back to those in need, Hyphen Sports supports a Sri-Lanka based NGO dedicated to supporting children with incurable health problems.

Answering the demand caused by the outbreak of the COVID19, hygienic masks for adults and children are now also available in the Hyphen Sports online store.