Clima Customer Spotlight: Propper International

octobre 26, 2021

Catégorie: Client en vedette, Équipement militaire

Propper International is a tactical clothing manufacturer with an outstanding track record of producing 120 million garments for the US military. Established in 1967, Propper now also provides gear to law enforcement, emergency respondents, and direct to consumers. 

Propper’s first military contract was for the production of the iconic sailor hat known as the Dixie Cup for the US Navy. After this success, the company went on to expand manufacturing to uniforms, tactical armor and accessories, becoming one of the biggest single providers of US military apparel. Today, Proppers’s core product is ​​the current standard issue US uniform, with combat footwear being the most recent addition to the product range.

The Berry-compliant combat boots are made in Propper’s new manufacturing facility in Puerto Rico. Each model and size is equipped with a proprietary footbed which makes the shoe serviceable straight out of the box. The designers put extra effort into weight distribution making the Series 300 as comfortable as an athletic shoe and perfect for use under heavy loads. The Vibram soles are manufactured from heat-resistant rubber so tough that it is also used by Goodyear to produce car tires.

From head to toe, Propper’s cold weather gear keeps scores of service members warm in combat scenarios in the harshest environments on the planet. The same expertise is used to develop unparalleled sleeping systems such as the 3 Season Sleeping Bag (3S) featuring Climashield® and our AquaBan™ technology. 

Used by the Marine Corps, the 3S keeps troops warm in cold and wet weather without weighing down their packs. This extremely packable, Berry-compliant bag is field tested and approved for conditions as cold as -6°C/21°F, and when the temperature drops to 25°C/-13°F, it can be paired with a specially designed Extreme Cold Weather (ECW) sleeping bag. Featuring Climashield COMBAT® insulation, the ECW also doubles as a complete sleeping system suitable for milder conditions.

With over five decades of experience and a dedication to providing the best equipment to those who serve, Propper is a recognized industry leader with multiple awards to its name. Most recently, in both 2015 and 2016, the brand was awarded the coveted Superior Supplier Award by the Defence Logistics Agency.