DIY Holiday: How to Make Your Own Quilt

Dicembre 1, 2018

Categoria: Lifestyle all'Aperto

There’s nothing better than handmade holiday gifts. If you want to try your hand at sewing or quilting, you can easily make beautiful and practical presents for your outdoor-loving friends and family. Simply choose your favorite quilt pattern and in between the front and back, add a layer of Climashield APEX for superior warmth and softness.

Choose Your Functionality

A TECHNICAL QUILT: for the hardcore adventurer
In outdoor sports jargon, a quilt is more of a sleeping bag than a patchwork blanket. Many dedicated hikers sew their own quits to ensure the exact properties and size they need for their next adventure. A rugged and lightweight quilt insulated with Climashield APEX will perform well in any weather. Remember that such a design will likely involve a feetbox, zipper and some elastics.

AN EASY QUILT: for the laid-back outdoor lover
A warm and beautiful blanket is a great addition to any camping road trip. Crisp mornings and chilly evenings are even better if you can wrap up warm in a handmade quilt!

For this project you will need some windproof and waterproof silnylon and several yards of Climashield APEX (2.5 oz). Simply sew two layers of silnylon together, with the insulation in between, and voila! Your perfect outdoor blanket is ready.

Although Climashield APEX doesn’t need to be quilted, if you choose to do so, your blanket will be even more durable (and slightly heavier). As long as you don’t care about the stitches being perfectly straight, quilting on a standard sewing machine isn’t hard.

You can also take your blanket to a nearby quilting service and request an advanced stitch. For example, a swirl hook design in a contrasting thread will give a plain silnylon quilt a stylish twist.

A TRADITIONAL QUILT: for the sofa snuggler
This option is going to be enjoyed the most by experienced quilters, or those that enjoy the challenge of learning how to to do it. Adding a layer of light and soft Climashield insulation to your traditional quilt will make it extra warm for those long winter evenings.

You might either use scraps of fabric leftover from your previous projects, or buy a ready charm pack of pre-cut quilt squares. Choose any of your favorite patterns or one that’s accessible for beginners – anything that includes backing material will do. Follow the steps as you would normally but insert a sheet of Climashield APEX between the front and backing of your quilt before sewing them together. Finally, quilt your creation with straight lines, or get fancy with a design you love.

A functional and beautiful quilt is a quick job for an experienced patchworker and if you’re not crafty, ordering one made to your design is an affordable option. For durable warmth, use Climashield APEX, a synthetic continuous filament insulation that can be ordered from wholesalers for all of your DIY projects.