Glamping for the Whole Family: A Beginner’s Guide

Agosto 3, 2020

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Camping doesn’t have to be synonymous with doing without. On the contrary, when sleeping under the canvas of a luxurious tent, you can enjoy all the comforts you desire. Road trips and car camping were made for each other and if you don’t feel like roughing it, you can upgrade the camping trip into glamping–and the price tag will still be lower than that of a hotel room. Plus, no hotel views can compete!

Go all-inclusive 

Glamping holidays can be booked across the country in cottages, caravans or permanent tents with all the necessary gear included in the package. Think king-sized beds and stylish interiors as well as optional catering and activities – all in the heart of the backcountry. Prices range from $100 to $300 per night, depending on the destination.

Most glamping resorts have now updated their cleaning and social distancing policies making them a safer bet than shared accommodation. 

Choose your own adventure

If you value independence and don’t want to break the bank, a regular camping trip can be turned into glamping with a little bit of clever preparation. Although many outdoor lovers don’t mind sleeping on hard surfaces, swapping thin mats for comfortable camping beds makes a huge difference and it’s an investment that will pay dividends for years to come. You can also leave the sleeping bag behind in favor of real bedding and down pillows.

Another great idea to bring a little luxury into the trip is camping furniture to use outside of the tent. A few chairs, or perhaps even an inflatable sofa, can turn a meadow into a spacious outdoor lounge under the stars.

Unless you love cooking on an open fire, a gas stove is a must for any camping trip. To make the next adventure a little more glam, consider adding a portable BBQ to the packing list. A simple coolbox will allow you to take fresh ingredients, including meat, and will keep your drinks cold.

The best glamping tents

Although nearly any large tent will do, bell tents make the ultimate glamping lodging. They might not be the most practical for short trips or moving around as they’re a little heavier and harder to set up than performance-oriented tents. However, if you’re planning on staying in one place for a few nights and you want to camp in style, a bell tent will not disappoint. To turn a simple beige dome into an outdoor castle, pack some fairy lights and tiki torches. Unforgettable memories and beautiful pictures guaranteed!

Here’s the list of five of our favorite bell tent options:

Remember that when it comes to creating your own glamping holidays, the only limitation to comfort is the size of your car boot.