Clima Customer Spotlight: Wiggy’s

1 sierpnia, 2021

Kategoria: Nowości, Outdoorowy lifestyle, Profil klienta

Imagine getting out of your car into a snow covered roadside in Brian Head, Utah, after stripping down to nothing but a bikini. It’s been a long day of snowmobiling and you were chilled to the bone long before getting undressed. Yes, these are the perfect conditions for the ultimate test of the Wiggy’s sleeping bag. 

Meet Wiggy’s

Wiggy’s, best known for its sleeping bags but also producing outdoor clothing and shoes, is a Colorado-based company headed by Jerry Wigutow. WigutowWiggy for shortis an old-fashioned businessman who does not believe in marketing beyond word of mouth and positive reviews. Based on its unparalleled performance in tough conditions, the thriving company has a dedicated and expanding customer base. 

Unlike most outdoor gear, Wiggy’s products are made from 100% American materials which reduces the carbon footprint from shipping and invigorates the local economy. 

What is Lamilite?

The secret behind Wiggy’s success is the proprietary technology, Lamilite. Its main component is Climashield® continuous filament insulation, providing extreme loft and hydrophobic qualities to all of Wiggy’s cold weather gear. The packable, light and rugged sleeping bags are designed to perform even when wet, and can be stored compressed for long periods without losing their insulation properties.

Going beyond the needs of the consumer market, Wiggy’s Lamilite sleeping bags and survival gear are used by the Air Force — a testament to their quality and dependability.

Natalie and Tara Snow Test

In an unsponsored review posted on Natalie and Tara’s YouTube channel, the two filmmakersknown for their willingness to try almost anythingjump out of a Ford Bronco onto the snowy roadside in the ski resort of Brian Head, Utah. Wearing nothing but bikinis and hats, they run to Wiggy’s sleeping bags which they laid down straight on the snowno roll mat, no additional insulation. Surprisingly, within seconds of zipping themselves into the bags, they stop shivering and surprisingly feel warm and cozy thanks to the body heat trapping Lamilite technology.

Tested first is the Ultra Light bag rated for comfort at 20°F. With the ambient temperature of 30°F on the test day, Natalie recorded 76°F inside her sleeping bag. Next up, the Antarctic, designed for comfort at the extreme temperature of – 60°F, warmed up to an astonishing 92°F at the feet of the sleeping bag.

Combined with Wiggy’s lifetime use warranty, the Lamilite sleeping bags are a serious contender for the best in their category.