The Road Trip Rules Summer Travel

19 lipca, 2020

Kategoria: Kemping, Podróże

This summer, the road trip is back. Instead of making long-term plans and setting their sights on exotic destinations, many a holidaymaker will be relegated to visiting places closer to home. And that’s not a bad thing at all! Here’s why road trips are making a great comeback in America and all around the world.

Last-minute planning

Hopping in the car and hitting the open road allows for more spontaneity than booking air travel or pre-packaged holidays. With the latter being either subject to a last-minute cancellation or off the table entirely, planning a trip by car or an RV is a much safer bet. And the best part of the deal is that road tripping is entirely flexible– you can change your dates, destination, and route and any point.

Although spontaneity used to be the name of the road trip game, this year’s list of essentials includes more than a GPS and a great summer read. Thanks to the ongoing pandemic, even holidays can be a little more stressful – liberal amounts of sanitizer and a face mask at the ready can keep travelers safe and minimize the anxiety.

To avoid disappointment, check online for the latest information on your destinations. Most national parks are now at least partially open but to avoid crowds, opting for less popular sights is a better choice.

On a budget

Every cloud has a silver lining and the pandemic has incredibly low gas prices. Cheap fuel makes hitting the road a particularly good option in the times of economic uncertainty, so no wonder that as many as 72% of Americans are planning to travel by car this summer.

There are plenty of free camping sites all around the country, many of them in scenic locations. To further reduce costs, many otherwise not-so-adventurous travelers might be tempted by car camping but cramming yourself into a small tent with the whole family is not for everybody. RV rentals are enjoying a new heyday, providing a great and relatively comfortable option of exploring unknown places close to home.

A healthy perspective

Rental homes will also be a popular option this summer as many travelers want to avoid busy hotels. All around the world, Airbnb is reporting a surge in interest and most bookings are made for properties within 200 miles from the place of origin. Car travel will be the preferred mode of getting to the destination and there is no reason for it not to be an integral part of the holiday fun. An uplifting summer soundtrack and healthy snacks will make the miles pass by in a breeze. 

Although most people will not travel far from home this season, a change of scenery and a sense of freedom have never been more important. Taking time off to hit the road, whether solo or with the loved ones, is a great way to find a healthy perspective and recharge the batteries. Unplugging from work and the constant stream of news in favor of spending more time outdoors is the best way to make the most of even the shortest of summer breaks.