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Outdoor Industry Leaders Are Taking Action to Combat the Climate Crisis

1 декабря, 2022

The outdoor recreation economy is at risk. As the planet continues to warm, the demand for services is likely to shift, leaving many businesses vulnerable, a new study says. Faced with...

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Clima Customer Spotlight: North American Rescue®

9 ноября, 2022

Based in South Carolina, North American Rescue® (NAR) provides a wide range of life-saving gear to the military, law enforcement and emergency responders, as well as for adventure and community...

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The Movement to Rewild Childhood

17 октября, 2022

The average American child spends four to seven minutes a day on outdoor play, and approximately seven hours in front of a screen, according to the Child Mind Institute. The...

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Clima Customer Spotlight: Tilak for Mountain Rescue Service

12 сентября, 2022

In the wild and remote hills of the Czech Republic, the Horská Služba (HS), or the Mountain Rescue Service, was founded in 1935. Today, a hundred professional rescuers, supported by...

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Take a Trip to One of America’s Best Stargazing Locations

23 августа, 2022

If the breathtaking images from the James Webb Space Telescope got you looking up at the night sky, it might be the perfect excuse to take a trip to one...

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Clima Customer Spotlight: ELEMENTY

1 августа, 2022

Based in Warsaw, Poland, ELEMENTY is an up-and-coming fashion brand focused on responsible production and sustainability. Its lifestyle line includes everything from underwear and blazers to summer dresses and winter coats,...

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Want To Try Fly Fishing? Here’s What You Need to Know

17 июля, 2022

Long considered a niche activity, fly fishing is experiencing a renaissance. Both sustainable and accessible, the sport is gaining attention as society increasingly values connections with nature and the protection...

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Clima Customer Spotlight: Beyond Clothing

6 мая, 2022

Born out of love for the outdoors, Beyond Clothing manufactures highly technical gear built to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. From thread to zippers, every component of the Berry...

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Get Hiking Fit Before Hitting the Trail

15 апреля, 2022

Maintaining hiking-specific fitness in the long stints between trips may seem challenging, especially given that activities such as yoga or cycling are not even remotely similar to walking long distances with...

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Clima Customer Spotlight: Santi

14 марта, 2022

Born from more than three decades of diving experience, Santi manufactures products tailored to the needs of divers all over the world. Santi’s CEO is one of the most active...