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Clima Customer Spotlight: Kanuk

19 января, 2022

Influenced by harsh Canadian winters, Kanuk was born over half a century ago in Montreal. Today, much like five decades ago, it offers high-end products built to withstand the most...

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Heard of Bikepacking? Yes, It’s Exactly How It Sounds

20 декабря, 2021

Bikepacking is long distance cycling mixed with camping—a perfect way to explore at a pace much faster than walking, but way less rushed than driving. It is suitable for challenging...

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Clima Customer Spotlight: Helikon-Tex

1 декабря, 2021

Helikon-Tex started out in 1983 as an army surplus retailer. After more than two decades of trading, the company’s owners identified a growing gap in the market. Realizing that many...

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How to Choose the Right Winter Base Layer

7 ноября, 2021

With winter just around the corner, choosing the right base layer can be key to enjoying the cold weather. A good base layer offers the right combination of insulation and...

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Clima Customer Spotlight: Propper International

26 октября, 2021

Propper International is a tactical clothing manufacturer with an outstanding track record of producing 120 million garments for the US military. Established in 1967, Propper now also provides gear to law...

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America’s Most Scenic Campgrounds

28 сентября, 2021

The Six (Plus One) Most Scenic American Campgrounds  Sleeping under the stars is always a beautiful experience and spectacular campgrounds exist in every corner of the US. From wild camping...

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Clima Customer Spotlight: Exxel Outdoors

13 сентября, 2021

The parent company of a host of trusted American brands, Exxel Outdoors has an uplifting story of success where outdoor gear and military equipment manufacturing are sprinkled with a little...

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What is Carbon Offsetting and Does it Work?

23 августа, 2021

When the coronavirus pandemic shut down much of human activity in 2020, global emissions of carbon dioxide fell by 6.4%. Still, this decrease was much less than what scientists had...

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Clima Customer Spotlight: Wiggy’s

1 августа, 2021

Imagine getting out of your car into a snow covered roadside in Brian Head, Utah, after stripping down to nothing but a bikini. It’s been a long day of snowmobiling...

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5 New National Parks to Put on Your Travel List

9 июля, 2021

Every child knows that Yellowstone was the first American national park, but how many adults realize that in the last two decades nine more areas were elevated to national park...