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Clima Customer Spotlight: Wiggy’s

1 августа, 2021

Imagine getting out of your car into a snow covered roadside in Brian Head, Utah, after stripping down to nothing but a bikini. It’s been a long day of snowmobiling...

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5 New National Parks to Put on Your Travel List

9 июля, 2021

Every child knows that Yellowstone was the first American national park, but how many adults realize that in the last two decades nine more areas were elevated to national park...

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Clima Customer Spotlight: Aura

15 июня, 2021

Born out of love for the most extreme places on the planet, Aura is a Poland-based outdoor equipment brand that applies synthetic and down insulation to their cold weather product...

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Back to the Wild: YouTube Channels Document Outback Living

24 мая, 2021

Leaving everything behind and moving into the wilderness might not be for everybody but there is something fascinating about going off the grid. Here are our six favorite YouTubers who...

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Clima Customer Spotlight: Industries for the Blind

29 апреля, 2021

Founded in 1936 in North Carolina, Winston-Salem Industries for the Blind provides opportunities for visually impaired people who would often find themselves outside of the labor force. Fast forward to...

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Can Hunting Be Sustainable?

12 апреля, 2021

There are upwards of fifteen million active hunters in the U.S. Within this group there are enormous differences in ethics and approach, and while some certainly treat hunting as a...

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2021 Will Bring More Wildfires — What Can We Do?

29 марта, 2021

Wildfires are a natural part of many ecosystems, but the 2020 wildfire season was different. In California alone, more than a million acres burned to the ground while fires raged...

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Clima Customer Spotlight: Crye Precision

10 марта, 2021

Crye Precision is a Brooklyn-based military gear producer supplying equipment to armed forces that have been deployed to the most demanding locations in the world. Manufactured and sourced in the...

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Sherpa and Nepali Climbers Make First Winter Ascent of K2

20 февраля, 2021

Located in the Karakoram on the border between Pakistan and China, K2 is the second-highest peak in the world. On Saturday, January 16, a team of ten Sherpa and Nepali...

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Everything You Need to Know to Start Mushroom Hunting

26 января, 2021

While foraging is as old as humanity itself, the availability of all kinds of foods in a local grocery store made it into a forgotten art. Now, in a bid...