Best Action Cameras for Your Next Adventure

24 6 月, 2019

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From sandy beaches to snowy mountaintops, adventurers all over the world want to document their exploits. Image quality and ease of use are constantly increasing, but so is the stress put on electronic equipment in extreme conditions.

As a smartphone’s camera rarely stands up to the task, here is our list of the five hottest action cameras on the market right now. With different features and price tags, these cameras are all tough enough to follow you on your next adventure.

GoPro Hero 7 Black
Travellers and photographers can agree on one thing: the GoPro Hero 7 Black is the ultimate action camera, so get one if you can. The phenomenal image stabilization means you can forget about any additional (and costly) gadgets such as a gimbal, and the user experience has been improved in comparison to previous GoPro models.

Price: $349.00
Downsides: touchscreen may be unresponsive at times

DJI Osmo Pocket
With image stabilization on par with that of a GoPro, the DJI Osmo Pocket also incorporates a front-facing screen and is the perfect hand-held camera to create beautiful travel videos with cinematic time lapses. It is designed to fit in the palm of your hand and it is a great tool for any vlogger.  Although it does not come with WiFi, it can still seamlessly connect to your smartphone.

Price: $359.99
Downsides: audio quality could be better, not super resistant to abrasion

Sony RX0 II
The smallest digital camera from Sony, the RX02 features a powerful, wide-angle Zeiss lens able to focus at a distance of less than eight inches. The technological features packed into this tiny digicam allow it to shoot not only high-quality video, but also beautiful stills. A great feature of the RX02 is its flip-out LCD screen, rarely seen in models this small. The camera is also extremely durable, making it the ideal choice for professionals putting their gear through its paces.

Price: $698.00
Downsides: price

Insta360 One X
The Insta360 One X differs from the other propositions on this list in that it is, as suggested by the name, a 360-degree digicam allowing for some extra creativity to go into the filming process. Apart from that, the One X has all the desirable features of an action cam allowing for high-quality video and stills. And if that is not enough, it shoots more frames per second than most of its competitors, making it a great slow-motion camera.

Price: $414.95
Downsides: not waterproof (a case can be bought separately)

Yi 4K+
The Yi 4K+ action cam is a great option for a first-time buyer wanting to save a bit of cash. It is essentially a budget version of a GoPro, and although it comes with very few cut corners, some features are less advanced, as you might expect. Stills quality has a lot of room for improvement and there is no GPS function, but the Yi 4K+ delivers on its promises when it comes to videos.

Price: $199.99
Downsides: stabilization only up to 4K/30fps, not waterproof and less rugged (an additional case can be bought separately)

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