Photo Diary of the Pacific Northwest

4 9 月, 2018

类别: 旅行

The rugged beauty of the Pacific Northwest has long captivated the hearts of travelers and artists but it wasn’t until the Instagram era that the region became a global sensation.

Famous as the hipster capital of the country, PNW enthusiasts paint it as an outdoor wonderland scented with artisan coffee. Today we leave the coffee shops of Seattle and Oregon behind and head out into the wild to show you what makes the Pacific Northwest’s backcountry so special.

1. Sweeping landscapes will take your breath away, like this view of Mount Baker, WA.

2. The Oregon Coast sunsets should be a national treasure. Plan a road trip along the seaside and watch the sun go down in a different location each day.

3. There are plenty of opportunities for wild swimming. The Alpine Lakes Wilderness is home to over 700 mountain lakes and a section of the Pacific Crest Trail.

4. The Pacific Northwest was made for #vanlife. And for canoes.

5. You can take your pooch for any trail adventure and let it roam around the vast wild areas without worrying about traffic. (Click here for some ideas on dog-friendly trips in Idaho.)

6. The Pacific Northwest offers an abundance of beautiful trails for thru-hiking, including the Wonderland Trail in Mount Rainier National Park where this picture was taken.

7. Cute cabins can be spotted everywhere and they will spark your imagination, bringing to mind the early days of Pacific Northwest exploration.

8. If you think summers in the Pacific Northwest are beautiful, wait for the leaves to turn and paint the forests red and gold.

9. With the region’s mostly marine, chilly climate, you can enjoy wrapping up in cozy blankets and wooly scarves and gracefully blending with moody skies and dark waters.

10. When it gets really cold, staying in and keeping warm by the fire is almost as good as heading out. Just imagine watching the steam from your cup rise against the backdrop of Tolmie Peak.