Clima Customer Spotlight: NW Alpine

März 25, 2024

Kategorie: Kunden im Rampenlicht, Outdoor-Ausrüstung, Produktneuigkeiten

NW Alpine is a technical mountaineering brand on a mission to revive American manufacturing one jacket at a time.

The NW history

In the early 2000s, Portland climber Bill Amos found himself disappointed by the rapid decline in the quality of climbing apparel. With many outdoor companies taking on an increasingly fashion-centric approach, he envisioned a brand that would stick to the core values of simplicity, functionality, and durability. 

The financial collapse of 2008 delayed his plans, but witnessing the crisis allowed Amos to realize that the only way to a genuine recovery was by prioritizing domestic production. Thus, NW Alpine was launched with three priorities: targeting high-altitude climbers with highly functional gear, supporting US manufacturing, and providing great customer service.

In its early days, NW Alpine worked with independent designers and local contractors to produce small runs of minimal, tough-as-nails climbing clothing. By 2013 the company was producing 2,000 garments a year. Since then, NW Alpine has moved from its humble beginnings into its own Oregon-based manufacturing facility, winning numerous awards, and retailing not only in the U.S.. but also in Mexico, Germany, and Japan.

NW Alpine x Climashield®

All NW Alpine garments are made with the highest-quality, American-made materials. Thanks to the use of Climashield APEX, the design of NW Alpine’s BASTION BELAY JACKET doesn’t require quilting, making the jacket as warm as it is durable and packable.

The jacket was designed specifically for technical Alpine routes and winter conditions. After the intense aerobic effort of climbing, effective recovery while belaying is key to safety and success on the wall. A rugged, warm layer that is both lightweight and waterproof is exactly what’s needed in that scenario, but the Bastion finds itself at home in a multitude of settings. Reinforced with the same yarn used in NASA spacesuits, it can withstand multiple climbing seasons. 

Hand-sewn in Salem, Oregon, each BASTION BELAY JACKET is made to order, retailing at $450.00.