Clima Customer Spotlight: Camel

3 sierpnia, 2018

Kategoria: Nowości

Dating all the way back to 1919, Camel Manufacturing is a company that serves those who serve. As a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of tent products for the US government and military, the company uses only the highest-quality materials that withstand tests of durability to match conditions in the field. For their Extreme Weather Liner, Camel Manufacturing chose Climashield FR-SH insulation, which was presented at the ADS Warrior Expo in July.

A century long heritage 

When BA Bower returned to America from the fronts of World War I, he decided to start a business that would produce civilian tarpaulins and truck covers made from surplus Army tents. Little did he know that the outbreak of World War II would change the focus of his company from civilian to military, prompting him to start manufacturing tents and vehicle covers for the US Army.

Over the following decades, Camel Manufacturing gear has served the US military in many armed conflicts around the globe, providing soldiers with shelter and safety. With nearly a century of tradition, the company is the longest continuous producer of military tents in the country.

The product range includes tent frame and pole support systems, insulated liners, lighting, map boards, power distribution boxes and solar shade systems.

The Extreme Weather Liner

The Extreme Weather Liner was designed to maintain appropriate temperature inside military and non-military shelters during operational use, carefully designed to minimize weight and provide ease in set-up and packing.

In adverse environmental conditions, field heaters and air conditioners are under extreme strain. What’s more – maintaining a shelter’s ambient temperature within a desirable range requires huge amounts of energy. By preventing the loss of warmth, the Extreme Weather Liner allows for more efficient heating.

Another critically important function of the Camel Manufacturing liner is providing protection against momentary exposure to flames or extreme heat.

Climashield FR-SH Insulation

The Climashield FR-SH insulation was developed specifically for transitory shelter applications. Like all Climashield products, FR-SH insulation is Berry Compliant and built to withstand high temperature storage while maintaining thermal efficiency.

Used with the Extreme Weather liner, the environmentally-friendly Climashield FR-SH conserves energy by decreasing the consumption of HVAC units inside the tents.