Clima Customer Spotlight: Crye Precision

10 3 月, 2021

类别: 產品最新消息

Crye Precision is a Brooklyn-based military gear producer supplying equipment to armed forces that have been deployed to the most demanding locations in the world. Manufactured and sourced in the U.S., Crye Precision’s products are field tested by both US and British special-ops. Framed notes from users — many of whom owe their lives to Crye Precision’s helmets and body armor—are displayed on one of the headquarter’s walls.

The brand’s innovative designs earned co-founder Calleb Crye a telling nickname: “the Steve Jobs of tactical gear”. Crye met his business partner Gregg Thompson at the Cooper Union, a prestigious New York college producing some of the best engineers in the country. Within two decades, Crye and Thompson were able to build a dynamic company that holds nearly thirty patents, employs 200 staff members and uses the most advanced materials and technology to best serve the armed forces.

Crye Precision’s combat-specific weather protection items feature Climashield® insulation for extreme performance and packability:


This minimalist garment designed for cold and wet conditions allows the user to stay warm while avoiding overheating when on the move. The exterior fabric is extremely water repellent, while Climashield®’s insulation provides durable warmth without compromising on weight or packability. The HALFJAK™ INSULATED can be worn over any other gear and then quickly taken off to be packed away in its stuff sack.

Having manufactured custom versions of the HALFJAK™ for a long time, Crye Precision has now made this design available to the public, retailing at $292.90.


The technical LOFT JACKET™ combines the best of two worlds, offering a great balance between an outer garment and an insulation layer. Tailored for extreme mobility without binding, it features a helmet-compatible hood and five zip pockets. In extreme conditions, it can be worn under a more robust hardshell. The LOFT JACKET™ is insulated with Climashield® APEX lightweight and breathable 2.0 oz/60g Polyfill continuous filament insulation, providing a superb warmth-to-weight ratio, even when wet (Clo value=.82 oz/yd).

The retail price of the jacket is $334.30

All Crye Precision products use cutting-edge technological innovation and are born from a genuine passion for the armed forces. “I’m a huge fan of freedom and see our military as a big part of what safeguards that,” says Caleb Crye proudly.

Many of the company’s most versatile designs are now sold via the customer-facing website and are a new favorite for survivalists, hunters and wildlife photographers.