Clima Customer Spotlight: Industries for the Blind

Aprile 29, 2021

Categoria: Attrezzatura Militare, Spotlight Clienti

Founded in 1936 in North Carolina, Winston-Salem Industries for the Blind provides opportunities for visually impaired people who would often find themselves outside of the labor force. Fast forward to present day, the nationwide rates of unemployment among the visually impaired and blind are still strikingly high but Industries for the Blind, now known as IFB Solutions, remain at the forefront of the fight to change that.

As a registered not-for-profit organization, IFB Solutions believe that blind and visually impaired people have every right to success in their personal and professional lives. Financial empowerment and becoming more skilled has been shown to lead to improved self-esteem and better mental health.

IFB realises its mission through providing state-of-the-art training programs, grants and other forms of support for both adults and children.


Among many of the IFB Solutions initiatives, Services is one that connects government and commercial customers with a skilled and flexible workforce of blind and visually impaired employees. Full-time and part-time employment opportunities range from customer service, through data collection and analysis, to sales and other fields. With resources and support available at all times, as well as fair wages, the staff turnover remains at or below the industry standard, bringing vibrant career opportunities to the visually impaired.


At Climashield®, we are proud to supply our cutting-edge continuous filament insulation to military products manufactured by IFB which are standard issue for the U.S. Army.

The All Purpose Liner was first developed for the Marine Corps in 2012 but its versatility makes it a popular item chosen by outdoor-loving consumers for hiking, camping and other activities where a rugged, minimal design is a must. Measuring approximately 5 feet by 7 feet, the All Purpose Liner makes a great wet weather poncho, a lightweight sleeping bag, or a luxurious picnic blanket.

Following field feedback, the Liner has been improved by the addition of a two-way, double sided zipper. In addition, an upgraded quilting pattern makes it even more durable, providing warmth and comfort in any conditions.


To support the IFB Solutions’ mission, consider making a donation or volunteering.