Recommendations for Use

Required Handling

  • Climashield® batting should be allowed to recover if vacuum packed prior to cutting. For best results, remove outer bag and lay flat for 24 hours.
  • Do not store rolls of Climashield® technical insulation on end.


  • Quilting may be reduced or eliminated when using Climashield®.
  • The direction of batting is critical if minimal quilting is used. Batting width must be placed in the direction of the greatest weight.


Climashield® construction requires specific sewing fittings and adjustments for ease of stitching. Most important are:

  • Closed toe foot-upturned
  • Feed dog-throat combinations should be as closed as possible to prevent snagging
  • Throat plate with proper needle hole size
  • Presser foot, pressure-adjusted for consistent fabric feeding
  • Needle size depends on operation and bulk
  • Feed dog-throat plate should be aligned to provide nick-free surfaces
  • The only required stitching, aside from design aesthetics, is at the edges where filament ends occur

Fabric Options

Special carrier fabrics are not required for any of the Climashield® polyester products. Neither nonwoven materials nor expensive downproof fabrics are required. This offers manufacturers expanded style options, unlimited by the restrictions posed by down and microfiber insulation. However, fabric construction must be tight enough to inhibit fiber migration.