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Clima Customer Spotlight: SIAMIDIS

September 18, 2023

Founded in 1961, SIAMIDIS SA is a family-owned manufacturer of technical textiles and clothing systems used by uniformed services around the world. From its beginnings as a modest weaving enterprise...

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Time to Act – Glaciers And Sea Ice Are Melting

August 18, 2023

Antarctica’s sea ice level is at an all-time low, the University of Maine’s Climate Change Institute announced last month. Melting at its fastest rate since tracking began, Antarctica, this year...

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Clima Customer Spotlight: Valley Apparel

August 2, 2023

Based right down the road from Climashield in Knoxville, Tennessee, Valley Apparel is a small, family-owned business. Grown from John Niethammer’s (1938-2020) lifelong experience in US Government contracting, today the...

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World’s Best Summer 2023 Skiing Destinations

June 18, 2023

Last winter was particularly generous for skiers. In the Rockies and along the West Coast, many resorts reported record precipitation, with Mammoth Mountain boasting the world’s deepest snowpack: a whole...

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Clima Customer Spotlight: Our Distributors

May 30, 2023

Our insulation is chosen by the best brands in the world to develop products for outdoor athletes and uniformed service men and women. You can find it in Arc’teryx LEAF...

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Slow Hiking is the New Outdoor Sports Craze

May 5, 2023

From the workplace to the gym, our performance-obsessed culture leaves very little time to stop and smell the roses. Even within the outdoor community, every other conversation seems to revolve...

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Clima Product Spotlight: AURA RES-B Rescue System

March 28, 2023

AURA RES-B Rescue System is a unique tool for evacuating accident victims from mountainous, cold-weather regions. It was carefully designed in collaboration with GOPR, an elite mountain and rock climbing...

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Author Q&A: Born to Climb’s Zofia Reych

March 2, 2023

We caught up with anthropologist and climber Zofia Reych on the heels of her book Born to Climb – a love letter to one of the world’s fastest growing sports....

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Clima Customer Spotlight: Direct Alpine

January 17, 2023

Direct Alpine was launched in 1997 by two friends who wanted to spend more time in the mountains. During the first years of the company’s existence, the founders had to...

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Outdoor Industry Leaders Are Taking Action to Combat the Climate Crisis

December 1, 2022

The outdoor recreation economy is at risk. As the planet continues to warm, the demand for services is likely to shift, leaving many businesses vulnerable, a new study says. Faced with...