Clima Customer Spotlight: Helikon-Tex

In the 1980s, Helikon-Tex founders began to trade military surplus equipment. Surprised by the high demand, they decided to seize the opportunity and fill the apparent gap in the market. In 1999, they started producing their own military and paramilitary gear.

From the outset, Helikon-Tex was dedicated to the highest design standards, sourcing the best materials, and always seeking innovation. This approach quickly propelled their business forward, and as their customer base grew, they were able to diversify their offering.

Today, the wide range of Helikon-Tex products includes not only tactical uniforms, but also everything for civilian outdoor enthusiasts. Hailing from the military tradition, Helikon-Tex sticks to maximum functionality and stripped down design.

Product highlight
The Helikon-Tex Bushcraft range focuses on the needs of hikers, hunters and wildlife photographers. The newest addition to the line is the innovative Swagman Roll® poncho made with Climashield APEX continuous filament insulation. A clear indication of the product’s and the company’s reputation resulted in the first batch of Swagmans selling out in just two weeks.

The Swagman Roll® is a nod to the trapper’s tradition of carrying all possessions wrapped in a multifunctional bedroll. Pre-dating the era of modern gear, people survived in the wilderness with a minimal, yet highly functional setup. The Swagman Roll® poncho is as simple as it can be, with a number of innovative features that make it highly versatile. It can save a life in an emergency, or provide a little bit of extra comfort at a cozy campfire breakfast.

The Swagman Roll® has four main functions:

Wear it on your jacket or mid-layer for additional thermal insulation of the upper body. Two buckles clip the edges of the poncho together at the back and front, trapping the heat in, without restricting movement.

Made with DWR-coated windpack nylon, the Swagman Roll® can easily withstand a rain shower or a mild snowfall, and it is also compatible with the standard US Army waterproof poncho.

The Swagman Roll® features a comfortable kangaroo-style chest pocket, which doubles as a self-storing container.

An opened poncho becomes a large, rectangular blanket, perfect to sit on or wrap around yourself on a cold morning. A velcroed pocket conveniently stows away the hood.

Sleeping bag
Use your Swagman Roll® over a regular sleeping bag to stay warm on the coldest of nights. The roll is also perfect on its own for a quick nap on the trail, and in summer conditions, it can serve as an emergency sleeping bag.

A system of draws and cords makes the Swagman Roll® the perfect insulation for a hammock.

Other products from Helikon-Tex include a wide range of tactical, outdoor and urban clothing, as well as backpacks and bags. All of them were designed with the same standard of excellence as the Swagman Roll®.

Climashield APEX can be also found in Level 7 Lightweight Winter Jacket, Husky Tactical Winter Jacket, Wolfhound  Jacket, and Malamute Lightweight Vest from Helikon-Tex.

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