Clima Customer Spotlight: Santi

March 14, 2022

Category: Customer Spotlight, Outdoor Lifestyle

Born from more than three decades of diving experience, Santi manufactures products tailored to the needs of divers all over the world. Santi’s CEO is one of the most active wreck divers in the Baltic Sea and having developed state of the art cold water diving equipment, he used his designs to take underwater photographs that have made the covers of National Geographic across Europe.

From drysuits to heated undersuits, Santi produces state-of-the-art diving equipment for professionals and the most demanding amateurs. Developed in Poland on the coast of the cold Baltic Sea, Santi puts all their products through rigorous testing to ensure unparalleled safety and comfort for diving in the most extreme conditions on earth.

CEO Tomasz Stachura describes himself as “diver first and businessman later.” A lifetime of diving experience in search of vessels wrecked in the Baltic Sea and around the world, including the most hostile of waters, allowed him to assemble a team of experts and create products appreciated by divers everywhere.

In 2014, Santi broadened its scope by acquiring a 20 percent stake in Halcyon Dive Systems. This USA-based company and Santi are now close collaborators. Beyond Poland and the US, Santi distributes its products in nine other countries, including Australia, China, Egypt and Mexico. 

The next step for the company is to develop a specialized line, SANTI ON DUTY, dedicated to the uniformed services.

Santi x Climashield®

FLEX190 is a spring/summer undersuit designed for dives in temperatures ranging from 7 to 14°C (45-57°F). FLEX190’s design reduces the bulk of the garment while maintaining high levels of thermal insulation, and the four-way stretch fabric provides unparalleled comfort and ease of movement. The undersuit is insulated with 180g/m2 Climashield® Contur made up of three layers. The breathable, continuous filament synthetic insulation is lined with soft Polyester coating both from the inside and outside, while the outermost layer is also wind resistant. Weighing in at only 1.5kg (3.3lbs), FLEX190 stays dry even if the diver is sweating thanks to AquaBan™ technology that wicks moisture away from the body.

The Heated Vest 2.0 was designed for use alongside all of the Santi undersuits. For those always cold during their dive, or those diving in extremely cold waters, Santi Heating Systems provide a solution that ensures comfort even in the lowest temperatures. While the most advanced of Santi undersuits, the BZ400 Extreme Heated, is used in waters as cold as 0°C/32°F, the Heated Vest 2.0 is the perfect solution for those seeking a little bit of extra warmth and comfort during less extreme dives. The Heated Vest 2.0 is insulated with breathable and light Climashield® Contur material.