More Light, Better Mornings

11月 18, 2019

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On November 3, the clocks across the US fell back to grant us one more hour of sunshine every morning. Inevitably, the end of daylight saving time robs us of some evening light, so it’s worth making the most of it at the beginning of the day.

November is the best time to bring some light to your morning routine and create habits that will brighten your winter. Instead of hitting the snooze button as many times as possible, you can get your days off to a really good start.

Celebrate the simple things
The quiet, early mornings in the backcountry are the absolute best. The tranquillity before a day full of adventure has a special allure and the morning coffee never tastes as good as when you brew it in front of your tent.

What if you could bring this same feel good vibe to your home every day? Scientists agree that spending time in nature has great health benefits, but it’s not only because of the fresh air and magnificent views. It’s because we are different outdoors: more likely to hit the pause button, pay attention to the detail and enjoy ourselves.

The good news is that you can do the same every morning before work and feel just a touch closer to your outdoorsy self. Turn your morning coffee into a 20-minute meditation, do some gentle yoga, or make your own relaxing habit to set the mood for a great day.

Get adventure-ready
If bringing some mindful laziness to your mornings is not for you, you can use the extra daylight to get in shape before your next outdoor adventure. Unless the sunlight motivates you enough to get to the gym, there’s no need to get out of the house.

The bad news for all night owls is that, statistically, early birds are happier. However, we can all strive to become early birds, making all workday mornings and alpine starts a little easier. Added bonus – moving your workout to the morning has numerous health benefits.

Keep your eyes on the prize and get moving right after you wake up. The extra hour of sunshine will make it much easier than before November 3! Start gently and build up to a full, sport-specific home workout. You can even join a 30-day challenge to become a morning workout person.

Go all out
With more sunlight hours before work, there is no point in lingering under the covers. Hop into your outdoor gear and take the dog for a run, squeeze a few laps on your bike into the morning, or maybe even get into a completely new sport and try cold water swimming. Although an extra hour of daylight in the morning is not quite enough for a #microadventure, it might be just enough for a nano-adventure: an outdoor workout or a flying visit to the nearest state park on the way to work.