The Best Hot Flasks for Cold Weather

7 stycznia, 2021

Kategoria: Nowości, Outdoorowy lifestyle

A cold day in the backcountry can be made significantly less challenging with the aid of a steaming cup of coffee. Hot flasks are a staple in outdoor adventure, but they can be equally at home on long car drives or at work. Although the initial cost might seem high for “just a bottle,” a well-insulated flask is a great money saver in the long run, not to mention environmentally friendly!

Best for a long day out

It is no coincidence that Thermos is a brand that has become synonymous with hot flasks the world over. The vacuum insulated Thermos stainless steel (40oz) is completely leak-proof and will keep your tea piping hot 24 hours after you brew it. This classic model is big enough to provide hot drinks for two but despite its hefty size, it is relatively lightweight at only 1lb. The comfortable handle makes it easy to maneuver even in mittens, and retailing at around $23, this flask offers great value for money.

Best for an even longer day out

If you need your drink to stay hot for up-to 28 hours, choose Klean Kanteen TK Pro coming in 32oz, 25oz and 16oz. Its 100% plastic-free design is simple and robust and the finish is resistant to chipping. The only downside of this product is its price but waking up in a cold tent to a hot cup of tea may well be worth the $40 expense for the biggest size.

Best for a coffee on the go

The sleek and simple Kinto Travel Tumbler was designed in Japan to meet the needs of busy commuters but it will do equally well in your climbing bag. The Travel Tumbler comes in two sizes,17oz and 12oz, both perfect for a daily coffee supply, and it keeps your drinks hot—or icy cold—for up to six hours.

Best for keeping your food hot

In 2020, Hydro Flask rolled out its new Food Jar, an upgrade on the classic Food Flask. The biggest design change is that the Food Jar is flatter and wider not only than its predecessor, but also most similar flasks from other brands. The unique shape makes this product very comfortable for solid foods, and the rubberized top is easy to untwist even in gloves. Despite the simplicity of design, it can be taken apart for thorough cleaning. The Food Jar comes in three sizes (12oz, 20oz and 28oz) and four colors.