Clima Product Spotlight: AURA RES-B Rescue System

March 28, 2023

Category: Customer Spotlight

AURA RES-B Rescue System is a unique tool for evacuating accident victims from mountainous, cold-weather regions. It was carefully designed in collaboration with GOPR, an elite mountain and rock climbing rescue team operating in the difficult, rocky terrain of the Polish Jura. 

 At first glance, the oval-shaped RES-B has a similar appearance to a sleeping bag, but it is much more than that. It fits perfectly into the basket stretcher used by medical rescuers to immobilize and transport the victim from an accident site to a hospital. It can be used with a specially designed trailer at the back of a 4×4 vehicle, ensuring that the injured passenger stays warm and dry.

The materials used in RES-B were selected for their robustness, water resistance, and insulation properties. Climashield insulation protects the victim from the cold, even in damp conditions — a crucial advantage in the fight against both trauma-and exposure-induced hypothermia. Durability against mechanical damage ensures that each RES-B item can be deployed multiple times, while still maintaining top performance.

Aura’s history is deeply rooted in the world’s highest mountains and connected with the stories of some of the most accomplished explorers of all time. For example, the first product was a jacket developed especially for the needs of Wanda Rutkiewicz, the first woman to reach the summit of K2 in 1986.

Today, AURA continues to develop cutting-edge gear for the harshest environments on the planet, working not only with GOPR but also with the Safe Kazbek team — a volunteer group of elite mountaineers undertaking rescue operations in the Caucasus.

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