Climashield® Announces PROTECT Product Line

October 14, 2018

Category: Product News

The new Climashield® PROTECT product line was carefully developed to meet the demands of industrial workwear and military applications. Consisting of two new products, PROTECT is built for resilience amidst extreme wear and strenuous environments, providing military and civilian staff with safety and confidence in their gear.

Climashield® PROTECT
Fields such as construction, mechanics, carpentry and mining require a product that won’t fall apart after a handful of wears, along with functionality that won’t hinder tasks on the job. A new rental workwear insulation solution, PROTECT delivers unparalleled warmth and dimensional stability and can withstand up-to 50 industrial laundering cycles.

A barrier in severely cold temperatures, PROTECT features Climashield®’s signature properties including a superior warmth-to-weight ratio for less bulky clothing and unmatched durability when washed or packed.

PROTECT comes in three weight and thickness variations ranging from two to six grams.

Climashield® PROTECT-FR
Combining the acute durability of PROTECT with a flame retardant solution, PROTECT-FR acts as a line of defense against momentary exposure to heat and flames.

Available in four weight and thickness options, PROTECT-FR can be deployed for use in a wide range of situations such as sustained field use with the military or in intense civilian work environments. Thoroughly tested to comply with strict military standards, PROTECT-FR is Berry Compliant, holds its shape and thermal efficiency for up-to 50 industrial washings and requires less weight for the same amount of warmth as its competitors.

Climashield PROTECT and PROTECT-FR are strictly component products and not an end article – manufacturers should conduct independent testing on finished garments to determine suitability to specific standards.