Fall Road Trip: Where to Watch the Leaves Change

September 11, 2018

Category: Travel

There are a lot of feelings that come with saying goodbye to summer – you’re either happy or sad to see it go. But one thing we think everyone can agree on – there’s something great about Fall. And as the leaves start to turn shades of orange and yellow, it’s the perfect time to plan a quick country getaway, or perhaps even a full-blown adventure.

Here we highlight some of North America’s best – and not so obvious – destinations. Pack your essentials (a jacket, a flask of hot tea and a camera) and discover that fall is the most spectacular of seasons.

The country’s most iconic fall landscape
Lake Winnipesaukee is one of New Hampshire’s most precious treasures. Its shores are lined with thick foliage which turn deep yellow, orange and red starting in mid-September. You can admire the view wrapped up on the deck of a historic cruise ship or from a scenic railroad.

While the Winnipesaukee shore may well be the country’s most iconic fall view, one lifetime is not enough to experience all of New England’s fall destinations .

Follow the bear in North Carolina
It’s not only the Northeast that gets to enjoy a spectacular departure of summer. The last two weeks of October are the perfect time to visit Jackson County in North Carolina, where the setting sun casts a huge “shadow of a bear” onto the colorful treetops – a firm favorite among the youngest adventurers.

Dry Falls is a 75-foot waterfall located nearby and it is also one of the Southeast’s most spectacular fall destinations. The gentle hike is accessible by wheelchair.

A family trip to Arkansas’ Hot Springs
Arkansas may be a little under the radar as a travel destination but combine beautiful vistas with a soak in the hot springs and you’re onto a winner. Hot Springs National Park offers miles of easy trails, 47 thermal pools and two historic bath houses.

Ouachita National Forest is just around the corner and if still you want more, the Ozarks are only two hours away – some say that their fall colors rival those of New England.

The oldest teahouse in Canada
In Alberta, the Canadian Rocky Mountains are the place to go for experiencing the season amongst alpine peaks. Apart from endless opportunities for seasoned rock climbers, the Rockies also offer a huge range of accessible hikes. For example, the spectacular vistas of Lake Agnes can be taken in while sipping a hot drink in the rustic Lake Agnes Teahouse. Having brewed their first cuppa in 1905, the facility is Canada’s oldest teahouse.

A romantic train journey
If you plan on heading abroad, you might as well visit more than one destination. The easiest and by far the most romantic way to do so is by train. You can pick and choose from many scenic rides, or book a multi-day train voyage.

The epic itinerary through Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, and Halifax is at its best from late September to early October.

To catch the fall colors at their most spectacular, use this interactive US map as reference. For New England in particular, read this report.