World’s Best Summer 2023 Skiing Destinations

June 18, 2023

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Last winter was particularly generous for skiers. In the Rockies and along the West Coast, many resorts reported record precipitation, with Mammoth Mountain boasting the world’s deepest snowpack: a whole twenty feet of it. The unfortunate side effect was that much of the Midwest was affected by heavy flooding, but on the plus side, numerous ski resorts across the country will stay open late into the summer. It is a much needed boost for an industry suffering great losses because of the changing climate and great news for all who can’t bear to stay away from the slopes.

Here are the five best destinations for summer skiing and snowboarding in the world.

Palisades Tahoe

This iconic Californian resort will stay open all June, throughout the 4th of July weekend, and perhaps even longer. Although the Palisades side of the mountain is closed, Alpine is still operating in full swing. And best of all, by purchasing a 2023/24 season Ikon Pass, you can now ski Palisades for free until the snow is gone.

Mammoth Mountain Ski Area

After record snowfall, Mammoth is now open for what they call a second season. As of now, nine out of Mammoth’s 25 ski lifts remain open, and similar to Palisades, you can catch them for free with next season’s Ikon Pass. In addition, a special spring deal called The-3 Up is a great way to enjoy the snow without breaking the bank.

Timberline Lodge

This Oregon resort is open for skiing and riding up to ten months each year, making it the place to go when everywhere else in the US is out of snow. The Timberline Lodge itself is a 1930s building with an inimitable atmosphere, so make sure to book a room if you can. For a more affordable (and more peaceful) stay, choose one of the many Mount Hood National Forest campsites. On apres-ski summer afternoons, when even high in the mountains turns snow into mush, down low you’ll be able to enjoy perfect hiking conditions around your camp.

Hintertux Glacier

With ten feet of snow at its highest elevation, Hintertux is only one of Europe’s many ski resorts that are still operating this year. It’s famous across the world for its year-round glacier skiing and manicured slopes – over a third are still open this June, offering nearly 15 miles of well-prepared pistes.

Fonna Glacier Ski Resort

One of Norway’s two summer skiing destinations (the other one being Galdhøpiggen), Fonna is the bigger one, offering three miles of pistes. What it lacks in size, Fonna Glacier Ski Resort makes up for in its breath-taking scenery and its famously spectacular sunsets. In addition, the mountain plateau of the Hardangervidda National Park is the perfect destination for the quintessential Scandinavian hiking trip.

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