Clima Customer Spotlight: ELEMENTY

August 1, 2022

Category: Customer Spotlight, Sustainability

Based in Warsaw, Poland, ELEMENTY is an up-and-coming fashion brand focused on responsible production and sustainability. Its lifestyle line includes everything from underwear and blazers to summer dresses and winter coats, and the beautifully simple designs are an ode to minimalism.

Since its inception in 2015, ELEMENTY’s growth has led the company to opening three boutiques in Poland, as well as establishing a presence in Germany, France and the Czech Republic. The eighteen-strong team works out of ELEMENTY’s office and sewing rooms located in Warsaw’s old industrial district of Praga, today an alternative hub known for its bars and restaurants.

ELEMENTY’s commitment to sustainability means that every item is carefully crafted out of high-quality materials, and the enduring designs come together to create a capsule wardrobe that will serve its owner for years to come. To further increase the lifespan of ELEMENTY’s garments, the brand runs a RELOVE program which resells used items at affordable prices — a testament to their quality as well as the company’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact.

In January 2022, ELEMENTY created its first insulated vest, designed to be worn as an outer layer or paired with one of the company’s timeless trench coats or jackets. The Windy Vest features CLIMASHIELD® eco-friendly insulation. Made in the USA out of recycled synthetic fibers, the continuous filament layer gives Windy Vest its superb thermal properties, low weight and durability. Transplanting activewear performance to the city sidewalks, the Windy Vest keeps its wearer warm even in wet conditions and maintains its excellent insulation properties even after many years of use. 

The Windy Vest offers a tight fit with a waist belt, a stand-up collar to hide behind in harsh weather, and ample pocket space. The ELEMENTY design is a prime example of how CLIMASHIELD® insulation is equally at home in the city as it is in the wilderness.

Dedicated to full transparency, ELEMENTY publishes the price of components for every product, and a minimum of one percent of the company’s revenue is always donated to charity. The Windy Vest retails at 399.00PLN (88.53USD), with 161.00PLN covering the costs of materials and labor, 75.00PLN for tax, 159.00PLN for company costs (such as rent) and markup, and 4.00PLN supporting charitable causes. ELEMENTY prices are the best possible middle ground between responsible business practices and affordability, reflecting the founders’ belief that sustainable fashion should be a luxury accessible to all.