Clima Customer Spotlight: Kanuk

January 19, 2022

Category: Customer Spotlight, Product News, Sustainability

Influenced by harsh Canadian winters, Kanuk was born over half a century ago in Montreal. Today, much like five decades ago, it offers high-end products built to withstand the most rugged conditions in both urban and outback settings.

A Local Legend Abroad

Initially focusing on outdoor equipment such as tents and sleeping bags, Kanuk soon found their niche in cold weather outerwear that could perform equally well in humid or wet conditions. Designed and produced in Montreal, Kanuk jackets quickly became a cult item and their 285 Rachel Street workshop a famed address.

Incredibly, 50 years after it first opened its doors, the Montreal facility is still the primary manufacturing center for Kanuk’s products, with a flagship store located one story below. Building on this heritage, the company’s first physical store outside of Quebec opened just la couple of months ago in New York. The new SoHo boutique was designed to pay homage to “the idealistic vision of the 60s and 70s” that transformed the urban face of Montreal.”

Built to Last

Kanuk’s classic aesthetics are a result of the company’s commitment to functionality and durability which, in the early days of production, took precedence over style. Today, Kanuk’s designs are a statement in their own right by standing out not only with their streamlined look but also with the highest quality materials.

Built to withstand the fickle Montreal weather, most of Kanuk’s products use durable, synthetic insulation developed by Climashield®. Originally designed for the extreme requirements of tactical and military use, Climashield®’s continuous filament insulation is the most rugged product on the market, ensuring that Kanuk’s jackets will stay warm throughout many years of wear.

Confident in the quality of their products, Kanuk offers a lifetime warranty on all of their winter coats.

Committed for Good

In line with their motto that the only thing better than recycled is never thrown away, Kanuk provides a repair and touch up service which further extends the lifespan of their garments. Given that they might well outlast their initial purpose, customers are encouraged to return their used coats to the manufacturer where, after refurbishing, they are donated to a person in need as part of Kanuk’s Second Life program.

With half of the current Kanuk collection already made using recycled materials, the company is committed to becoming carbon-neutral by 2025.