Clima Customer Spotlight: Sara Workwear

January 16, 2024

Category: Customer Spotlight, Outdoor Gear

Founded in 1992, Sara Workwear is an EU-based company specializing in the production of high-quality workwear and protective clothing. With over three decades of expertise, the brand is a leader in the Polish workwear market and receiving increased international recognition. Choosing only the best quality materials for its designs, Sara Workwear uses continuous filament synthetic insulation from Climashield   for a wide range of its winter collection.

From its five sewing rooms to its modern distribution center, Sara Workwear’s ethos is attention to detail and meticulous quality control. Close to half a thousand employees involved in production play a crucial role in ensuring that the company’s output meets the highest, most rigorous standards. All employees are consistently encouraged and supported to develop their skills and qualifications, allowing Sara Workwear to stay ahead of the competition by creating a truly unique company culture. 

The computer-aided support system, automated cutting lines, and state-of-the-art sewing machines allow Sara Workwear to produce large quantities of specialized garments to meet the demands of a growing customer base. Further expansion is ensured by efficient warehouse management and rapid order fulfillment. To guarantee continuous product availability, Sara Workwear’s warehouses stock 3,500,000 pieces of clothing at any given time. Thanks to the company’s capacity to brand its products to order, clients’ staff can proudly showcase their own logos.

To meet the highly specific needs of heavy-duty protective clothing users, Sara Workwear specializes in innovative designs, utilizing the most advanced materials and choosing the most appropriate production techniques. Combining that with a passion for excellent customer service, Sara Workwear is proud to receive an impressive 99 percent positive reviews from its customers. 

Manufacturing clothing that meets stringent occupational health and safety regulations while being exceptionally comfortable and hard-wearing requires choosing the best possible materials. For this reason, models such as the Wulkan Winter Bib overalls and the Wulkan Winter Vest are insulated with Climashield insulation. The innovative solution allows for an exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio while ensuring that the insulation fibers do not become displaced from their original position, even after prolonged use and numerous wash cycles.

Realizing the rapidly diversifying workforce, Sara Workwear is proud to expand its offering of female-specific workwear with sizes and cuts specifically designed to meet the needs of women.