Clima Customer Spotlight: SIAMIDIS

September 18, 2023

Category: Customer Spotlight, Military Gear

Founded in 1961, SIAMIDIS SA is a family-owned manufacturer of technical textiles and clothing systems used by uniformed services around the world. From its beginnings as a modest weaving enterprise to being a key partner in the NCU Project, SIAMIDIS SA has been committed to excellence through meticulous quality control and passion for its products.

Technical military fabrics became SIAMIDIS’ focus during the eighties, and the company’s production remains in-house within one of four European facilities. The result is performance-oriented systems, rigorously tested within a laboratory environment and in the field, used by the most demanding militaries in the world.

A testament to SIAMIDIS’ expertise is its involvement in the NCU Project as one of the three companies that jointly share the governance of the project. The NCU Layering System is the flagship design of the group, made possible through a unique, military level collaboration between five Nordic countries. The NORDEFCO — consisting of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden — came together to develop a layer solution for all temperatures and activities that would be used by the Nordic militaries for operations in the harshest environments on the planet. Within the five-layer system, SIAMIDIS SA is Technical Responsible and Owner of layers two to five in all of their configurations, including Jungle, Cold Add-On, and Wet Environment.

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